23 November, Sochi held a concert during the project — «Days of Maltese Music in Russia». The concert was in Organ Hall named after Alisa Debolskaya. Within the framework of this project, from June to December, concerts of classical music were held in the largest cities of the country, where works of Russian and Maltese composers were performed. At a concert in Sochi, the audience

faced with the music of Mendelssohn, Beethoven and Alexey Shor. The Kuban Symphony Orchestra was conducted by Alexei Galea Cavalazzi. The soloist was the famous Moscow violinist Karen Shahgaldyan.
Alexey Shor, a unique musician in the modern world. Have been worked all his life as a mathematician and having no musical education, at the age of 40 he began to compose. In a short time, the composer gained worldwide popularity — his works are in the repertoire of leading musical groups and are played in Carnegie hall, Kennedy center, and the largest halls of the world.
For the concert in Sochi was chosen Overture to the ballet «Crystal Palace». Music critics point out the lightness and melody in the works of Alexei Shor. The warm mood of the concert will be especially in tune with the atmosphere of the resort.
The concert «Maltese Serenade» was successfully held on November 23 in the Organ Hall named after Alisa Debolskaya.