On the 17th of August the press-conference for the ballet «Crystal Palace» was held in TASS.

The speakers were:
Ornella Muti, Alexey Shor, Ivan Vasiliev, Maria Vinogradova, Anna Nechaeva Ekaterina Mironova and Alexander Somov, costume designer
Elena Netsvetayeva-Dolgaleva, Pavel Klinichev, as well as the President of the EUFSC Konstantin Ishkhanov.

Mr Ishkhanov opened the press-conference and emphasized: ”The Russian premiere of the ballet became possible due to the
huge work of many professionals. It is an honor for us to have famous Italian actress Ornella Muti in this performance. We would like our audience to enjoy this show as well as we do while working on this project.”

Ornella Muti thanked organizers for the invitation to the project and highlighted that she proud to take part in the Russian premiere: “Today was my first time entering the stage of the Kremlin Palace. I saw the way actors work with me in ensemble, and it was amazing. It is an
honor for me to participate in this fantastic ballet. Today I had a talented team who has helped and supported me. And what is more important, they gave me the opportunity to believe in my role of the Russian Empress! Despite the difficulties with my Russian, hope, I will succeed!

The conductor Pavel Klinichev, three-time winner of “the Golden Mask”, commented on the musical part of the ballet: “Every performance is always a bit “nervous story”. “Crystal Palace” is not an exception. I
hope, we would fill the Big Hall of the State Kremlin Palace with new colors, timbres and nuances, as we are dealing with fantastic music of Alexey Shor…”